Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday night Camp Update

The last night of camp is now complete! Today was another great day. The kids have learned alot in their Bible classes. During chapel and worship, when they are given the opportunity review, it's obvious that they have learned the lessons and are incorporating those into their lives. I just came from our evenings activities that include worship, Fun Hour, and circle devotional. During Fun Hour the children presented cabin skits. I recorded all the skits on my camera and will upload them to You Tube when I get home. The children worked well as a team with their cabin and presented some very funny and sweet skits. Then we had circle devotional, which occurs just before bedtime and concludes with hugging time. There were many tears tonight during hugging time as children realized that tomorrow is the last day. Our big girls have made special connections with each other and the younger campers and they were especially tearful. Pray for Martha Meirendorf and Tammi Prinz as they settle the girls in for the night. These two ladies have done a wonderful job shepharding this group of girls so near their teenage years.

If you are picking up your children tomorrow, I will see you at 3:00. Just come to the end of the road and go down to the big log cabin lodge to your right past the"hotel". We'll have a short ceremony and you can check your kids out. You must see us for a check out slip! For the bus riders, I expect arrival around 9:00 PM, but Chevone can give you a quick call in route. Todd Morte will be our driver.

Tong Utakrit has been taking pictures all week. If you'd like a set of pictures, bring a new DVD to church, labeled with you name, and he'll burn the pictures to the DVD for you. There are over 500 pictures, so we'll let you find the pictures of your children.

Well, that's about all I have to say about camp. Thank you for sharing your sweet children with us! Keep checking this blog for sorts of Children's ministry information and updates.

For His Kis,

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