Journey Land: November and December 2011

Journey Land, our elementary Sunday morning Bible class, is a different kind of approach to teaching. Each week, children meet in the Worship 411 room for a short warm-up of the morning. They are then split into classes based on grade level. They travel to one of five workshops that focus on a different learning style.

This rotation, our children will be studying "Travels and Teachings of Paul, Part 2".

They will learn the following story segments in each class:
Bookworm (Story Telling) - Paul's journey to Rome
Journey Land Theater and The Lab (theater and art/crafts) - Acts 27, Shipwreck
The Museum (maps and culture) - Ephesians 6:10-20, The Armor of God
Journey Land Park (review) - The park reviews previous lessons, Bible verses and Bible skills.

The memory verse is Romans 10:13-15.

At the end of each teaching rotation, we have a "review day" in which we quiz the kids on the facts they learned in their classes. This review day helps the teachers gauge retention and learning effectiveness.

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