Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer of Service - Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Tonight, we are going to talk about Jesus healing the blind man with our Summer of Service group (1st - 5th grade). We will do this through fun activities to help children learn the Bible story.

Next Wednesday night, July 1st, our children will be working on a special project for Kingwood resident, Lauren Daley, who is deaf/blind. Lauren's Mom, Caroline, will be our special guest and will help us understand how we can show compassion just like Jesus did by participating in activities that help Lauren have a special teacher. Many in the Kingwood community have surrounded Lauren's cause and helped to raise money for her special teacher. Read more about Lauren's story. Lauren's mom just let me know that Lauren's story was recently featured in the Kingwood Observer and is linked to the National Helen Keller Center.

If there are any families available for the 4th of July, we have a special opportunity to help the Daley's during the 4th of July parade. Let me know if you are in town and interested in helping.

The upper elementary may enjoy the special summer praise night tonight in the auditorium. Please consider with your child if they are old enough and would engage in a special time of worship. There will be a lot of singing as well as other activities. Parents, I believe this uplifting time will be a highlight of your week if you choose to come.

Lastly, we are going to postpone our ER trip to a later date and make it available to our upper elementary. Thanks for being flexible as we look for activities that are just right for our children.

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