Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday at camp

I've learned that I have to upload pictures seperatly. So, here is a quick update for the day. The kids are all laughing and smiling. If there is homesickness it is not evident when I am with them. The rest of the Kingwood staff report the same thing when I see them. Of course, camp always has it's little drama's and we are honored to walk with your children as they learn to work out difficulties as Christians.

I'm going to be posting pictures of the second grade Bible class, chapel, and team sports. I'm trying my best to get at least one picture of each child.

Our class talked about honesty! We encouraged kids to be honest and not tell little white lies.

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Donale said...

Please give Mallori a big hug for me. tell her Mom and Dad made it home safely. I love you so much Mallori. i hope you are having so much fun. I loved seeing your picture on wild thing post.