Monday, July 27, 2009

Journey Land - Taking Our Elementary Children on a Journey Through the Bible

Think about your Sunday Bible classes growing up. What did you do? How did the classrooms look? What did you learn? Were you excited to be there? What would have made them better?

Now, think about Vacation Bible School. Did you enjoy it more? Why? What was different? Did you have a larger variety of experiences at VBS? Were there decorations? Did you feel pulled into the lesson, sometimes even with an attempt at recreating the setting of the story?

If you had to choose Sunday Bible class or VBS, what would you choose?

I believe we are walking with our children on a journey. While a child journey's through life, several things are needed. Parents who love and support them, smart people who educate them, physical belongings that keep kids safe and secure, and a Biblical foundation that allows them to, as fully as possible, interact with God in our world and become fully His.

September 8, Journey Land opens. Journey Land is VBS and Bible Class all rolled up in one, just for our elementary kids. Journey Land takes children on a journey through the Bible, giving them the Biblical foundation they need for their journey through life. It has the creativity and energy of VBS with the stability and depth of Bible class.

If you want the easiest teaching job you've ever had, join the Journey Land team! Here is what you will do:
1) Journey Land teachers choose from several class options: theater, storytelling, maps and culture, art/science/cooking, games, music and memory, and computers. They are assigned to that particular team.
2) A Journey Land teacher will prepare one VERY GOOD lesson that will be presented six times in six weeks. One lesson, six classes. You will even have your own classroom to go all out on the decoration, if you want!
3) Depending on how many partners you have for your class, you may have a break of 6 to 12 weeks between each teaching rotation. Then, you get to join the excitement again!

So, take your pick! Where would you like to teach? Teaching teams are forming now and we will have our kick-off meeting in about two weeks.

Are you the type of person that loves being part of a child's life? Do you want to guide them on their journey? Join our team of guides and take your own individual group on their journey each week. Guide committments are longer so that the guide can really get to know the children they are leading and become part of their lives.

See you on the Journey ...

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