Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Teachers Workroom

We've had a Media Center and a VBS Room. They were pretty cool room. The Media Center had every form of media, since, well, the beginning of time :) The VBS room had EVERYTHING that one could possibly WANT to use to decorate for VBS.

Well, it was bound to happen. We began applying the rule. You know the rule ... if you haven't touched in "___"number of days, throw it out. Or move it to storage. Either way, we have created space for three new classrooms, a children's worship room, and a teachers workroom.

If you are a teacher, or you are thinking about teaching, this room will become your good friend. It is clean, organized, VERY WELL STOCKED, and best of all, located smack-dab in our new children's area. Kathy Doshier has spent MANY hours helping me organize, clean, straighten, and categorize all of our materials.

So now, our Media Center and VBS rooms are gone. But the intention of many wonderful women that went before us still remains in our teachers workroom and children's wing, that is to lead children to Christ through creative storytelling and strong relationships.

Come up Sunday and take a look during Open House. Even though we still have work to do, you will be excited about the whole new layout of the rooms.

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