Sunday, August 23, 2009

What Is Rotation Workshop Bible Class

Most of you know that we are beginning a new Sunday School approach within the next few, short weeks! You've heard me use the catchy phrase, "the creativity of VBS, with the stability and depth of Bible Class". But, do you really know what that means?

I showed the following presentation to a group of our workshop leaders last Thursday night in preparation for the first workshops to begin in September. They really caught the vision for this style of Bible class and have been emailing me with questions and decorating ideas every since. The presentation is about 15 minutes, but, I invite you to watch it and then, ask yourself, "where do I fit in"? This style of ministry is unique and capitalizes on your individual gifts. We have teachers signed up and ready to go but still have a lot of opportunities for your involvement. Also, Middle School and High School students are jumping in to help out, since, they only miss a few weeks of their own Bible classes.

Take a minute to watch! Help us know what you think about this. Post a comment when you are finished watching the presentation.

Workshop Rotation Bible Class

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