Monday, October 19, 2009

Rabbi Bob Visits Journey Land

Sunday morning, we concluded our "Unto Us a Savior Is Born" rotation. Each six weeks, as we conclude a rotation, we will have a day dedicated to wrapping up and assessing the unit we are concluding as well as kicking off the next unit. Here are the pictures from this Sunday. As you can see, each child met as a group with their group leaders. The group leaders played a few fun review games with the kids in order to determine how much of the unit the children remember. All group leaders report that our children did quite well! Your kids did especially well using a map to retell the story of Jesus' birth.

Then, we had a special guest, Rabbi Bob. You can see Rabbi Bob in these pictures. We want to help the children know what it was like to go to a synagogue. Rabbi Bob visited with us and helped us understand some of the Jewish traditions and culture, such as:
1) The Torah is the first 5 books of the Old Testament.
2) That we always stand in synagogue when scripture is read. (We will be practicing this tradition this whole rotation out of respect for God's Word).
3) That the prayer shawl symbolizes a personal temple and that is why it was worn over the head when a Jew prays to God.
4) That the Rabbi would stand to read Scripture, because that is from God, but, would sit to teach, because the teaching was from the Rabbi.
5) That by the time a child was 10 years old they would have memorized the Torah.
6) There are three doors in a synagogue but the middle one is reserved for the Messiah only.

The children and adults all loved the visit from Rabbi Bob. In fact, there were many questions from the kids, which will be answered over the course of the next six weeks on a special slide "Rabbi Bob Says" slide during the opening assembly of Journey Land each week.

If you have a question for Rabbi Bob, submit it to me via the comments or at

AND, A HUGE SPECIAL THANKS to Bob Ethington who did a wonderful job playing our friend, "Rabbi Bob"!

Also, big thanks to my husband for building the synagogue set on Saturday that added to the day!
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