Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chain of Stars @Home Devotional Project

The "Chain of Stars" activity that your child made during Sunday morning Bible class is meant to be used during the weeks leading up to Christmas. Each day your family should read one of the corresponding verses on the information sheet that came home with the project. As you read the verses, add another star to your chain. There are stars that spell out the four theme words, so, be sure to put those letters in the rights order.

Now, a quick word on the verse selections. I found this activity on the internet, thanks to some help from a friend, and I do think the passages are a little long for children. Parents, I encourage you to read the passage selections in advance, and, choose the verses that you think your children will understand and benefit from the most. Don't underestimate your children, either. God's Word has something for everyone. Sure, they won't understand the verses the way you would, but, ask them after you read the passage questions like, "What new thought did you have about God from these verses?", "How do these verses make you feel?", or "Why do you think this was important to be in God's Word?" For the preschool kids, ask a concrete question based on the verse.

Lastly, don't make this about the number of verses you read. Make a goal to read Scripture daily with your children on the days leading up to Christmas. They will enjoy making their chain of stars and you will enjoy spending time in God's Word with your family.

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