Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Children's Service Committee for 3rd-5th Grades

Last year, when Andrew Kelly was here, he mentioned that some churches have Children Mission Committees. These groups of older elementary kids, function similar to the missions committee for the church, but, to help kids connect with service and mission opportunities that are important to them.

Since we began the Children's Offering as part of our offering time, we have collected enough money to give a group like this some seed money. I've asked Emy Stewart, Sylvia McAdams, and Eileen Weed to serve as sponsors for this group.

They will lead the children in determining mission and service opportunities and advertising to the rest of the children so that they know how their children's offering is helping spread the Good News. They may also find an occasional service project that we implement for our children's ministry.

The goal is to help train responsible children who have a heart for serving the world and teach them how a church might evaluate and implement support, gifts or projects outside our church walls.

Any 3rd-5th grade student may ask me to "apply" to be on the committee. We will "interview" them to help them understand that we are giving them a new responsibility. These children will learn responsible ways to "Serve the World" as a group and experience the joy of knowing God's Word is being shared to others in our community, nation and world.

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