Sunday, December 6, 2009

Leadership Training for Christ

Our LTC kids (3rd-5th grade) has been working very hard already this year. Here is a picture of the children practicing for Video Drama. They have been working on this drama since September and it will be recorded next Sunday. Thanks to Donna Rogers and Robin McAdam's for the EXTREMELY HARD WORK on this project. Eventually, we will be able to share the video on this website.

LTC is an activity that many Churches of Christ children are involved with during the school year. LTC allows the children to discover some of their spiritual gifts through a variety of activities, such as the Video Drama, Scrapbooking, Bible Class Teaching, and Scripture Reading. The children are study 2nd Samuel through out the school year and will be participating in Bible Bowl, a "test" of their Bible knowledge.

LTC is held every year at the George R Brown convention center over Easter weekend.
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