Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Unfinished Business

We are so extremely blessed to have our new children's facility on the 2nd floor. This remodeled section of the building went from storage to much needed, beautiful teaching rooms for our kids.

But, we have some unfinished business and I need your help to get everything finished up. In fact, it is a safe bet that I do not have all the skills to get the rest of the rooms just perfect.

Story Telling Room
This room is used for a Bible Story on Sunday mornings and a classroom on Wednesday nights. It should be similar to a children's library.
This picture shows the beautiful mural Elesa Mason painted as a backdrop to our story telling. We even have 3-D tree. We need:
1) kid friendly story rugs
2) 2 more of the benches like the one on the right of this picture
3) one or two small child friendly comfy chairs and a cute teachers chair
Donations of items you have at home may very well fulfill these needs.

This is the opposite wall in the story telling room. You can see many of our Bible story and application books. Sadly, the books are not in any order and the shelves are uninviting.

I just know there are a few people in our congregation that can bring order and warmth to this section of the room!

Worship 411 Room

Every Children's Ministry needs that room that kids are just "wowed" by. The Worship 411 room is our "wow" room. With our multimedia, drop down screen, sound system and stage lighting, the kids are drawn into an environment that excites them. In this room we open our week with our Journey Land class, theater rotation, Worship 411, parents meetings, and more.
1) The white primered cabinets are to be painted to look like red velvet curtains. Do you paint?
2) The wall to the right of the Worship 411 sign is to have a small, velvet curtain installed. We need someone to sew the curtain and help install it.

From the back of the room looking forward:
1) See the white cabinets ... still need to look like velvet curtains.
2) The wall on the left needs some light boxes installed.
3) The staging area is currently set for a synagogue theme. We need to redecorate for Christmas and then for our lessons discussing "The Sermon on the Mount."
Carri Tacker has plans for this room and is ready to direct any and all volunteers that she has at her disposal. We just need YOU!

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