Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bring Your Bible Challenge - Week 2

I forgot to look at our chart, so I don't know the actual percentage but we did have a few more Bibles make their way into our classroom.

Mrs. Carri talked to the kids about bringing their Bibles today in Worship 411. She said it was like bringing your gym shoes to gym class, you can still run without them but it works much better when you have the right equipment.

A friend of mine, Lynn Leaming, mentioned that bringing our Bibles to Bible class is like having all your books (supplies and homework) for school, you wouldn't think of going to school without those things.

So, let's instill in our children the value of having their own personal Bible's with them in class. Good job to the kids and parents that stepped it up this week!

From 2006-01-22

From 2006-01-22

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