Sunday, February 14, 2010

Worship 411 - Feb. 14th, 2010

Today in Worship 411 we continued our series on worship. We reviewed prayer and the different things we can pray about. One of our students really brought it all home by leading us in a prayer that was clearly from the heart!
We talked about Valentine's Day and Carri shared the valentines she had gotten from God. Her family, church, pets, home and such, and how everyday she could see them and be thankful for how much they meant! The biggest valentine was Jesus, we talked about where I could put this heart shaped reminder... Then Chuck read to us about the Lord's Supper, about the first one, and the communion that we take every week as a reminder. Our own special valentine! We passed out the communion packs and talked about what it meant. Then we wrapped it all up with discussing how one of their friends was being baptized, his promise to remember the gift of Jesus, and we went down to celebrate with Jake as he took on Christ. What a perfect way to witness God's love!!!
Until next time, talk to your kids, be quick to listen, and remember- they are NOT the future church, they are the church.
Looking forward,
Carri & Chuck, 411

In case I haven't mentioned it, Carri Tacker and Chuck Debenon are doing an awesome job with 411 each week. They are committed, excited, energetic and creative in their approach to teaching the children. Not only that, they are a team ... with no relief. If you'd like to get involved in 411, and, be available to give them an occasional break, let any of us.

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