Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sign Up and Help Out

Hey there parents,

It's almost the end of March and that means that summer planning will be drawing to an end very soon so we can begin preparing for the activities and events.

We have two very important tasks to complete BEFORE we can get the calendar out to everyone and open Art Camp registration.

#1 - I need every household with children to check out the on-line survey about the summer. I've outlined the *possible* summer calendar and I need your input. You see, during previous summers, the intern and I have worked hard to prepare activities for our dear children. Unfortunately, we didn't have any way of estimating our attendance. Sometimes, we had so many children we needed more help :) Other times, we were sad because we were all alone :( Help us plan as effectively as possible by giving your feedback now.
King's Kids Summer Activities

#2 - I get SEVERAL phone calls a day asking when registration will start for Art Camp. The answer is - April 15th. Weird date, but, everyone can remember it. Before we can begin registration, we really need to have as many teaching positions as possible filled. I need YOU to sign up and let us know that you can help.
Art Camp Volunteer Form

I'm looking forward to a wonderful summer!

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