Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This Week in 411

This past Sunday we compared the quest Percy Jackson had in the movie/book to the quest we as children of God embark on throughout our lives. We discussed; why a quest, who to take, what to pack, what to expect, and finally who we are trying to please.
The biggest difference between the fictional account of Percy and us is that we live out our quest everyday! We have to be prepared to fight evil in big and small ways. The best way to prepare is in God's word. We talked about real people who have gone on quests for God, like in Matthew 12. We also talked about people who tried to hide from their quest, one who even ended up in the belly of a fish! We had a great lesson and we will pick it back up the week after Spring Break when we talk about the monsters Percy encounters and the evil we face that can be just as dangerous. Until then, talk to your kids: be quick to listen, and remember they are NOT the future church- they are the church!
Chuck and Carri
Worship 411

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