Saturday, April 10, 2010

Children's Offering - Where is it going?

The Children's Service Committee (3rd-5th grade students) met this past Wednesday for our semi-monthly meeting. The children are learning how contributions work and how hard it is to make the decisions about where the money is spent.

Each time your child puts a dollar into the basket on Sunday morning, it is helping others in our community and world. Our goal is to encourage as many children as possible to bring $2.00 each. This will help the kids meet their "budget".

Last month, we cut a check to Jeremiah's Hope for around $2400. This included contributions from several months as well as the change drive and some other Jeremiah's Hope contributions. The kids were directly involved in making all of that happen.

This meeting we read several stories of Jesus' compassion and healing. We talked about the fact that there are many ways to show compassion as well help facilitate healing.

During the month of April and May our children's contributions will be sent out as follows:
$100 - diapers for the Hayes family. Katy Hayes has been seriously ill with Strep A infection and has had to have both her arms and legs amputated. She remains hospitalized, still fighting for her life.
$100 - "Help Lauren Learn". Lauren is a deaf/blind elementary child that lives in Kingwood. Her parents came to our Bible class last summer to help us better understand Lauren's world. More information may be found on this blog by searching for "Help Lauren Learns."
$20 - Dr. Bob's MS150 ride. The kids were quite amazed that Dr. Bob could ride a bicycle all the way to Austin. They were happy it was to raise money to cure an illness and the only reason they could see that it would be a good idea to ride a bicycle all the way to Austin. They wanted to show their support and "awe" at this feat!

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