Sunday, July 4, 2010

Last Week's Girl's Bible Study

I didn't get a chance to blog about the girls Bible study from last week. We are now up to 12 girls ... 8 in 4th/5th and 4 middle school girls. It's so great to have all these girls together. The Middle School girls stepped up into a natural leadership role. But, I do believe their faith is being reinforced and deepen through our study as well.

We talked about having courage. Courage like Rahab. Rahab wasn't the type of person that you would have thought to do the right thing. But, she did. She had heard about God and she knew she needed to be on His side. Rather or not she believed in Him, she had the courage to cross her own people, hide the spies, and help them out of Jericho. Rahab, saved her life and her families life by making this courageous decision.

Then, the girls talked about the courage that they must have each day in their daily lives. They must have courage to make new friends. They must have courage to do the right thing. They must have courage to show wisdom in how they use technology. And, they must have courage in the desire to "date" boys.

One of our Middle School girls shared what they learned at camp. They talked about having an inner circle and outer circle of friends. The inner circle are those that challenge a girl to have a deeper relationship with Christ. The outer circle are those they can influence for Christ. This strikes a good balance and develops priorities in relationships.

Then we talked about boys. Alot. Again, I saw great leadership from our Middle school girls. We talked about three things specifically:
1) The girls need to have a serious conversation with their parents about when it's ok to "go out with boys" or "date". Parent's refrain from answering, "when you are 30". Kid's want and need boundaries, it's ok to give them some reasonable boundaries.
2) The dating is an activity that can be, and should be, reserved until the age a teen is beginning to think about serious long-term relationships. Dating is to find a future spouse.
3) Once a girl begins to date, they may have to make other choices, like when to hold his hand, or kiss or so on. These things are progressive, so it's best to wait until they are older so that they are not tempted.

Well, that's about it! As always, let me know if you have any ideas, questions or comments about this study.

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