Saturday, July 17, 2010

"What's In The Bible"

Have you been looking for a new DVD resource for your children? Recently, I began hearing about a new video series, "What's In The Bible" by Phil Vischer, maker of Veggie Tales.

Last week, I was shopping at Mardel's and there it was, on-sale, so I picked up the first 3 DVD's of the 13 DVD series. Check out the DVD series here!

Tonight, I'm previewing the first DVD and loving it. It is a fun mix of puppets, real people, and animation. Very creative and getting lots of laughs from David and I.

But, even better, they are hitting some pretty difficult topics head-on in an attempt to not only teach kids the story of the Bible but to help them understand the truth of the Bible.

Kids may, someday, wonder why their Catholic friends have more books in the Bible then they do. Well, the "History Pirate" will explain it. And, what about that sticky subject of big "E" Evolution and Creationism? I guess you'll have to watch to find out.

Anyway, video's can't take the place of worship, or parents studying and praying with their children. They can't take the place of Bible study or fellowship. It's a tool to help explain hard issues to kids, build their faith, and provide an overview of the Bible.

Speaking of tools, check out another Phil Vischer creation: Jelly Telly website for kids.

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