Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Child Protection Policy Renewal

It is time to renew our members that were trained under the child protection policy about 5 years ago. While there is not an exact guideline as to how often members renew their training, we feel that it is VERY IMPORTANT to meet minimum requirements set by the State of Texas for those that work with children in similar environments. The State requires training every two years.

I would like to ask that all members renew their training at their earliest convenience. To do this you should:
1) Fill out the application form: click here to go to that website.
2) Watch your inbox for a link to the Ministry Safe Child Abuse Preventing Training website.
3) Complete the on-line training.

All information will be stored on a SECURED website. We will continue to do individual training for each volunteer opportunity as needed. It is our goal to have the majority of our members re-certified under this new state approved training by the end of December.

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