Monday, November 15, 2010

Nursery Volunteers NEEDED!

Emily Barclay has taken on the job of coordinating our nursery and Cradle Roll classes. She told me of some needs for these classes. In short, your help is needed! Please continue to read on for more information. Email Emily @ to help out.

Volunteer Keeping Their Scheduled Assignments
Each week, Emily calls and/or emails our volunteers to remind them of their service in the nursery. She doesn't require that you call her back if YOU ARE PLANNING TO WORK as scheduled. However,if you cannot work your scheduled day, you MUST call her back and let her know if a) you've traded shifts with someone or b) you need her to help you find a substitute. When you forget to let her you cannot work your assigned shift, we are very short handed and many times our Cradle Roll teachers end up filling the gap AFTER they have already taught the babies Bible class.
Thank you our workers who have consistently worked their scheduled days or have picked up extra shifts because we had a lack of helpers.

Volunteers Needed
It's become apparent that we have a GREAT need for additional nursery workers. We have an average of 15 babies each Sunday, most under the age of two. This Sunday, SEVEN workers busily attended to the children. Sometimes babies need to be rocked and fed, which require one-on-one care. The other workers are playing with the children, changing diapers, feeding the children snacks, and cleaning up toys. It's really "ALL HANDS ON DECK". PLEASE, PLEASE sign up to be a nursery worker. Emily currently has several Sunday's in the winter quarter with only 2 confirmed workers, which are not enough workers to open our nursery. A schedule will be passed around tomorrow in Ladies Bible class to make it easy for everyone to sign up.

Nursery Policies/Procedures
We have tried different methods to make sure our nursery is clean, organized, and safe for the children. If you are a volunteer or parent, THANK YOU for trying these methods with us. Some work, some don't. If we don't try, we won't be able to make it better. We are actively reviewing all of our procedures and tweaking as needed. Please continue to brave these attempts at making a better environment for your children. We are very pleased with some of the new things we have in place and strive to show God's love to your children each day.

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