Monday, December 20, 2010

Art Camp 2011 Leadership Team Forming

Year 6! It's here! At least for the coordinating team, Year 6 is here. That is because the Art Camp that almost 250 children enjoy each summer is not planned in a month, or two months. We give ourselves more than 6 months of planning to have a successful Art Camp.

Now that we are in Year 6 ... some good things are happening.
1) We know what it takes to make Art Camp happen. This a good thing, no more scratching our heads trying to figure things out.
2) We know that picking out projects take the longest and that is why we are starting NOW! Just after the first of the year, we will have our first Art Camp Directors meeting.
3) We have successfully registered campers on-line, learned the kinks, and fixed them.
4) We have furniture! Yes ... this was a stress from last year but we are ready to roll with the furniture we bought this year after Art Camp.

What do I need from you?
1) Would you enjoy being part of the Director team? We need to know now if you are interested.
2) Would you enjoy being an elective leader? We'd like to have the elective teachers in place by mid-March.
3) Would you like to serve as a group leader or center teacher? Be thinking about these service positions now! We need to have these leaders in place by mid-March as well.

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