Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Journey Land Workshop Leaders Needed Starting January 16th

Our elementary children attend Journey Land on Sunday mornings. Each week, they get to visit a different workshop, a class that is designed around a particular learning style. This style of ministry we often say has, "the creativity of VBS with the depth of Bible Class".

The workshops are very easy to teach. Teachers receive a curriculum guide with a full lesson plan. They then prepare one REALLY GOOD lesson, and, teach it for 6 weeks. Teachers love that they can put the time and effort into that one REALLY GOOD lesson and perfect it as they go through the rotations.

We only have two openings on our team right now! That's really amazing to me because more and more, our teachers are saying this is so easy and fun, they want to just keep going with it!

For this next rotation, we need a STORY Workshop leader and a THEATER Workshop leader. Our lesson topics will the Trial and Death of Jesus. I have the curriculum ready for the teacher and can even help you work it up over the Christmas holidays.

Let me know if you would like to lead the story or theater workshops. This is your chance to touch the lives of children with the Good News of Jesus!


Darlene said...

Am I already teaching something? If not, I can do the story section

KWCOC Children and Family Ministry said...

Elesa would like you to continue to partner with her in music. I think that is a wise idea so that the class is always covered. Thanks for your willingness to serve! You've been a huge blessing this year.