Friday, June 26, 2009

Vicki Courtney Teaches About Raising Godly Girls

I have added links to Vicki Courtney's blogs, Virtue Alert and 5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter. Lindsay and I attended the You and Your Girl Conference in Katy back in March and we were very impressed by what Vicki had to say. In fact, we'd love to have her come to KWCOC sometime in the future, so be praying that God will allow us to host Vicki someday.

If nothing else, we learned that our girls have challenges ahead of them that we never had to worry about when we were growing up. And, we can prepare ourselves now to help them through these challenges. Not only should we understand what they face, we must also understand the choices that lead our girls down a dangerous path. Most importantly, as Mom's, we must make it a goal of successful parenting to example to our daughters how we should dress, what we should watch and how we should act.

As a mother of a six year old that somehow likes fashion way more than I do ... it happens quick! It takes no time at all to notice what other girls do, say and wear and want to be like them. Everyday is a teaching opportunity to talk about how God wants us to treat our bodies, His holy temple. I've only been successful at raising a 6 year old so far, but, what I do know, it is so much easier to start in the very beginning then to jump in mid-stream. It is no easy task, don't make it harder by allowing things to slip by without being addressed.

I'm not a perfect parent by any means. And, even though I'm very careful about what my daughter wears, watches and how she acts towards others, I have those "uh-oh" moments when I realized something completely harmless has been a bad influence. (Can anyone say Disney Channel?) So, join me in daily praying for our daugters, that their hearts be guarded and that they mature into young women, pure in heart and faithful to God.

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