Thursday, July 2, 2009

Learning About Deafblindness

Last night, our kids got to meet Paul and Caroline Daley, Lauren Daley's parents. I posted links to Lauren's story in a previous blog. Our kids were great! In Caroline's words, "Thank you so much for having us come speak to your class last night. We had a great time! The kids were so informed and involved, it was wonderul how much they wanted to learn."

I know our children understand the world of deafblindness better because of the lessons they learned from the Daleys. But, one comment that Caroline and Paul made stuck with me. They said, and I might be a little off on the wording, that they are fighting this fight for Lauren's education not only for Lauren but for other deafblind children. When they have the opportunity they will walk right back in the forest and help bring other kids out woods. Wow! How many of us have life experiences that we could jump right back into the forest and help someone out of the woods?

Our elementary kids studied the story of the blind man in John 9 the week before the Daley's visited us. The disciples were trying to make sense of the man's blindness and Jesus answered them with this statement, "This happened so that God's work could be shown in his life". Without Lauren and her parents, the world would be less aware of what an intervener could do for such a young child. (They explained that current law does not recognize the profession of intervener nor does it provide this service to anyone under 18.) Lauren has brought together a whole community to help her achieve her education. Wow! What good can be done when hearts are open to helping others!

If you are looking for a place to give, time, money, resources, go to Lauren's website: and look for ways to help.

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