Wednesday, September 23, 2009

D6 Conference, Day 1

Today, Kevin, David and I heard some great speakers that have spent a lot of time creating a system for teaching families to spiritually equip their children as mandated in Deuteronomy 6:5-7.

We learned lots. We'll hear more great speakers tomorrow with a lot more things for us to hear. It's easy to come to a conference like this and hear so many great ideas, concepts, and models for ministry to the family.

Here are some top comments I heard today. Feel free to comment and ask questions. It might even help me listen even more closely to these great speakers!

My Top 5 List
1) We shouldn't think about ministry to the family as family ministry but instead use a term such as faith at home ministry. I think Family Ministry implies a passive response by the parent, we provide the ministry and parent's provide the "people". A term like "Faith at Home" suggests that the parents take an active role in nurturing faith and we, the church, are more passive, equipping parents for this task but releasing them to perform it. Just my thoughts, though.
2) Churches must start with helping parents have healthy marriage before those couples can be healthy and spiritually whole parents. Can't skip this step. It's a must.
3) I loved the quote that went something like this, "The reason we have a 60-90% drop out among our children when they graduate from High School is because we have a drug problem. Their parents drug them to church but didn't model Christian behavior at home, so, the kids see Christianity as hypocritical. Hmmmm...don't want to be that parent but know I fall short.
4) It is possible, as church leaders, to equip families for discipleship at home by weaving intentional equipping into the fabric of existing ministry. No need for big change.
5) Almost all families want to lead their children to be faithful Christians, they just don't know how. We should help by being examples.

Ok, so what do you all think. Any truth to these statements.

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