Thursday, September 24, 2009

Journey Land: Measurable Objectives for Learning

We chose the Rotation Workshop model because it allowed us to the Bible, history, geography, and application using creative teaching based on learning styles.

We were blessed to find through recommendation of friends the curriculum "Journey Land" from Memorial Roach Church of Christ in Oklahoma. Someday, we may write some of our own lessons. But, for now, we have an outstanding resource in the Journey Land curriculum.

The professional educators that have helped implement Journey Land made one immediate comment after reading the material. "This material has measurable objectives for learning". Wow. Honestly, I don't see that very often children's curriculum. Most have a clear scope and sequence, but, beyond that, church curriculum can be rather hit and miss in the concepts that are taught.

I believe these "measurable objectives" will be vitally important as we build a successful education ministry in our Children and Family Ministry.

I also believe that as great as a curriculum may be, as wonderful as our teachers are, and as wholeheartedly I believe in educating our children in the faith within our church walls, SPIRITUAL FORMATION MUST BEGIN IN THE HOME.

So, for each rotation, I'm going to give you, the parents, the objectives that we are working to teach your children. I hope that you use these objectives as a bridge as you set about the task of shaping your child's faith. Check the blog at the beginning of each rotation for the objectives. And, as we close each rotation, "test" your children on the objectives.

We will be observing these objectives as they are taught each week and assessing how the children are retaining the objectives. Parents, I invite your feedback as we continue that process.

The next post will include the objectives for our current rotation, "Unto Us A Savior Is Born!"

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