Monday, November 2, 2009

Faithweaver For Preschooler's

The preschool Bible class teachers report that children are really "getting it" using our new Faithweaver curriculum.

Faithweaver takes children through the Bible over the course of three years, which is perfect for our preschool children. They study the Old Testament for two quarters and the New Testament for two quarters.

Faithweaver coordinates our entire preschool ministry. Sunday morning, during Bible class, children really focus on learning the Bible story. During King's Court, children praise and worship God using that same Bible story as a theme. And, on Wednesday night, children are able to apply these Bible truths to their own lives.

The more children hear the story in the course of seven days, the longer they retain the information. You can help! Make part of your at-home devotional time with your kids a review of the story. Have your child express to you what they learned or how their life is "changed" because now they know this new thing about God. Build deep faith through Bible knowledge EARLY.

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