Monday, November 16, 2009

A Retreat For Moms - Feb. 26, 27

Moms need a retreat every now and then. As Moms, we usually focus on ourselves through an occasional shopping trip, having our nails done, or splurging on a movie with our BFF's. Desperate Moms have been known to lock their bedroom door, their bathroom door, and their toilet room door just praying that the kids can't pick 3 locks in 15 minutes while finding that much needed quiet moment. Yes, I do speak from experience!

Mom's need a place that they can be spiritually renewed. They need to hear encouraging words, Moms need to pray, and Moms need to focus on Scripture. In fact, a little spiritual renewal can go a lot further than massive amounts of retail therapy and with no consequences that is damaging to the pocket book or the marriage!

Being a mother is hard work! Mothering presents it's challenges as we try to figure out how to raise children who wear clean clothes, eat healthy food, say respectful things and are pleasant people to be around. Not to mention that the ultimate goal is to raise children who love God fully, consistently, and completely!

So, why not take a little break from the routine and focus on the call of being a Christian mother. There is a conference in Irving, TX on February 26 and 27th that will help all you Moms have a time of refreshment, encouragement, and most importantly, spiritual encouragement.

Registration and conference information will be provided in the next post.

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