Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bring Your Bible Challenge

On any given Sunday, if I asked kids to show me their Bibles, I would have 3 kids that would have their own Bibles.

So, we will begin the Bring Your Bible Challenge this Sunday morning for the elementary students in Journey Land. We've advertised this to the kids, they know it's coming.

Parents you can help your children by reminding them to bring their Bibles this Sunday and every other Sunday morning.

I will keep track of the Bibles brought and at the end of each 6-week rotation, I will reward the class that had the highest percentage of personal Bibles with a party.

If your child does not have a Bible, I can recommend several. If buying a Bible right now is a hardship, I have quite a few I can give away. Every child should have their own Bible and know how to use it.

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