Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dannah Gesh's Secret Keeper Tour

On February 4th, our girls and mothers have the opportunity to attend a fun event at Woodridge Baptist Church that will focus on helping children and parents know how to keep their dress modest. This is a big topic with the Moms I know, especially in light of the clothing industries constantly poor decisions in marketing fashion.

So, girls, what does God intend for our dress?
How do we dress modestly and still look fashionable?
Why does it matter how modest our dress is?
And, Moms, how do we even begin to talk to our daughters about this?

Join us for the Secret Keepers, Thursday night, February 4th from 6:00-8:15 PM. Tickets are $8.00 per person if bought in advance from Shannon or Linda Trapp.

Secret Keepers Website

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