Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Journey Land Rotations Start Sunday Morning

Every 2 months or so, we introduce a new theme in Journey Land, Sunday AM Bible classes for elementary kids. Here's some information for teachers and parents on our current lesson objectives, memory verse, and other helpful stuff.
The theme for the next 7 weeks is "Parables of Jesus". This will be the first of two rotations focused on the parables.

Memory Verse
We will emphasize 1 John 4:7 during "The Gathering" before sending kids on their journey. Matthew 13:34-35 will also be introduced in several of the rotations but not be the focus of our memory verses.

Stories Emphasized
We will teaching these parables throughout the course of the next 7 weeks:
1. Parables about using wealth wisely (The Rich Fool – Luke 12:16-21;
The Great Feast – Luke 14:16-24; Shrewd Manager – Luke 16:1-9)
2. Parable about forgiveness and mercy (Unforgiving Servant – Matthew
3. Parable on whom we should love (Good Samaritan – Luke 10:30-37)
4. Parables on service and obedience (Workers in the Harvest – Matthew 20:1-
16; Talents given to servants – Matthew 25:14-30)

Bible Skills Emphasized
You may remember that we started tracking attendance and Bibles brought to class last rotation. We will continue to do this and emphasize using the children's own Bible's to look up Scriptures. We want all the children to become more proficient at using their Bibles.

This rotation includes some very interesting lesson plans. Not only will the children learn a lot about Jesus' teachings, they will also get to have some pretty neat experiences in Games, Maps and Culture, and Crafts. I hope everyone takes advantage of these great classes for kids!

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