Monday, March 1, 2010

Worship 411 - Feb. 28th

What a great time we had learning about the ONE TRUE GOD today in Worship 411!
There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the book and recently released movie, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, so we as leaders, thought it would be good to use this as part of our curriculum.
We began by discussing who the Greeks were and why they felt the need to make up stories about the gods. We then watched a trailer for the Percy Jackson movie and discussed some of the characters. We considered why it was silly for people to worship many gods who were mean, spiteful, jealous, and vengeful. We talked about how scared the Greeks must have been that they were offering up sacrifices to the wrong god. Then we considered these questions:
Does our God have any flaws?
Does our God get so angry at us that He would hurt us just to make Himself feel better?
Does our God send bad things (war/natural disaster) to happen to us?
Does our God ask for human sacrifice?
The kids were amazing.... they picked up the Abraham story pretty quickly, about the human sacrifice Abraham didn't have to make.
Then we switched gears into Romans and talked about being a living sacrifice for our God.
It was pretty impressive the way they stepped right up and took the lead in suggesting ways to be a living sacrifice!
Next week we will look at the quest Percy Jackson went on in the fictional account of the gods. In the meantime, we challenged everyone to start their own quest to be a living sacrifice this week in new and creative ways!
Until next time, talk to your kids: be quick to listen, and remember- they are NOT the future church, they are the church.
Carri and Chuck, 411

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