Sunday, February 7, 2010

Teaching Kids to "Serve the World"

We have been honored to have Andrew Kelley, of Jeremiah's Hope, visit with us this weekend. Saturday night, he met with our Children's Service Committee at the home of Emy Stewart. Four of our most mature, sweet, and spiritual little ladies asked Andrew questions for 2 hours about the mission field in which he serves. I could see the world being expanded in these little girls eyes as they realized that we are very blessed compared to many other children in world.

Today, during Sunday morning class, Andrew told the kids about all the ways he, his wife Jenny, and there team minister to children in the orphanage, the transitional living center, the hospital (abandoned babies), in their village of 200, and through Pine Branch Christian Camp. Again, our children were impressive in their attention and their questions. My prayer is that God will show our children little glimpses of what it might be like to live elsewhere in the world and inspire them to think globally with their lives and how they may impact the world for Christ.

During the month of February, our children are hosting the "Kids Changing Kids Lives" coin drive to benefit the ministries of Jeremiah's Hope. Andrew is also forming summer and winter mission teams to serve in the camp.

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