Thursday, February 4, 2010

Secret Keeper Girl Recap

Tonight was a very fun night with my daughter. It seemed that all the parents were having fun with their daughters too. The message was great! God created our girls just the way He wants them to look, perfect, in His sight. The girls need to see themselves through God's eyes. They heard a wonderful message about saving themselves until marriage (FYI - the word sex was never mentioned). What we did talk about is that God has created only one man for the each girl to show their body to on their wedding day and until then they need to keep the body parts covered and out of sight. They were given very specific ways to change the fashions of today into modest dress that glorifies God.

Some of River's favorite parts were:
1) If Barbie was real, she would look very weird.
2) Models on TV are fake, touched up by the computer.
Check out this link.
3) Raise and Praise - when the hands are raised, the belly should be covered.
4) Unique - everyone is created unique. The children received a bracelet and Moms got a chance to pray with them.
Did your child have a favorite? Post it in the comments.

Now, I did see some panicked looks about one thing that happened tonight. Since the event was held at another denomination with a little different beliefs than ours, I know some Moms, like me, was very uncomfortable that an alter call was given. The choice is up to that congregation to include it. Let me tell you how I handled it with River. I'm sure I could have done better but I'm happy with how it turned out. So, when River mentioned going forward because she loves God, I said no and waited. Then, she asked why. I gave her a big hug and said, "remember how people are baptized at our church to take away their sins, some churches don't talk about baptism as much and believe that only the prayer is important. We believe that the Bible says that prayer and baptism is very important and that we should wait until a very special time to be baptized and let God take away our sins". She said, "o.k.". It was a great way to teach my child that I have some very strong beliefs about what God's Word says about baptism and that it is important for me to teach her those beliefs. It was also a great opportunity to help her understand that there are many beliefs in this world and it is our job to read and study our Bibles and follow what we believe God is telling us in His Word. Of course, some of your kids may not accept that answer. If, of course, a door to conversation about baptism was opened, you should know that I keep resources in my office to help parents talk and study with their children.


akauburnlovr said...

Thank you for addressing that topic, it did open the door for me to discuss baptism with Mackenzie. I love the way you handled it, and I hope to be better prepared for the next time I'm shocked!


KWCOC Children and Family Ministry said...

Thank you, Stephanie. I was panicked for a moment too, especially until I got her into my lap and hugged her. I think in our churches we have been conditioned to fear other beliefs about the Bible, like they would rub off on us. I think it is our responsibility to know God's Word, to be ready to share that with our children, and not be so concerned that someone else has a different opinion than us. What matters is that we are studying and sharing with our children what we believe and not leaving it up to school, church or special events.

Donale said...

Mallori and I loved the evening. Mallori really listened and it was a great night that opened up many avenues of conversation for us. I am so glad we got to go and it was so nice to be with lots of other moms and thier daughters who are earnestly seeking God's will for our lives. I hope we can go to more events like this in the future. I want to say a special thank you to all of you who had a part in getting the word out and for purchasing the group tickets.