Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bible Study for Girls in 4th Grade - 8th Grade

Every Monday, we will meet at 2:00 PM for a study called, "Beautiful in God's Eyes". We will be preparing girls for their transition into Middle School and the new experiences they will face. I'd love for your pre-teen/teen to be involved. We will not meet next Monday, June 14, due to camp.

Dear Parents,
I am so happy to have your daughter taking part in "Beautiful In God's Eyes." I look forward to spending this time teaching the girls, and I hope that the class will be a blessing for each of them.

This class will deal with the fact that beauty in God's eyes is not based on external appearance, but on the heart. Our attitudes and behaviors make us beautiful in God's eyes. Girls are constantly bombarded with images of physical perfection in our culture. This can lead to low self-image and competitive, judgmental behavior. I hope that in this class the girls can begin to see that they should judge themselves and others not by what is on the outside, but what comes from the inside.

The class is designed so that the girls will be doing work not only here, but also home during the week as well. In this we will need your help. Each week your daughter will have a memory verse, a daily Bible reading, a prayer commitment, and a behavior to practice. Please help her work on learning her memory verse. She should read, or have read to her, the Bible reading selection each day. This is the same Scripture every day of the week. It would be helpful if you would discuss this Scripture with your daughter as well as reading it. Each girl is also asked to make a commitment to pray for one classmate during the week. Encourage your daughter to be faithful in this commitment. Each week the girls will select something specific that they will work on in their own lives. Celebrate with your daughter's successes and support her when she struggles. Help her remember that God's grace covers us all as we seek to do God's will. The girls are encouraged to bring their Bibles each week. An occasional gentle reminder would be helpful.

Each girl will be assigned a prayer partner, a mother of an older child or even a "grandparent". These prayer partners will pray daily for their girls, send them encouragement notes, and attend a special blessing activity at the end of the summer.

I am excited about working with the girls during this time. I hope that if you have any questions or concerns, you will feel free to contact me. I hope also that you will pray for me as I take on the responsibility of teaching your daughter and the other girls.

For His Kids,
Shannon Rains

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