Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fourth and Fifth Grade Girls Bible Study

This summer, we hosted a Bible study on Monday afternoons for girls in the 4th grade - Middle School. We talked about character traits the girls should aspire to have in their lives, and, allowed the girls to ask questions that were relevant to their needs. The questions were challenging and even a little "sensitive" in nature. This just underscored the many mature issues our children are faced with at such a young age.

This school year, the 4th/5th grade girls will again have a Bible study focused on the needs of pre-teen girls. 6th - 8th grade will also be taking part of a Bible story for their age group in Middle School. As we talk about issues important to a young girl, we will study God's Word and learn what He has to say that will help us through this sometimes trying years.

I will be using the study guide "Becoming a Young Woman of God" written for Middle School girls. Even those these girls are not yet in Middle School, the design of the study will be to proactively prepare them for the transition to Middle School.

Just as we did over the summer, the girls will be encouraged to ask questions that are important to them. We learned over the summer that even our elementary girls had some fairly serious questions! The goal of this class is to answer any question they ask as clearly and honestly as possible and always point the children back to their parents. If a question is VERY sensitive in nature, we may ask the child to allow us to answer the question the next week and we will send a brief summary of the question and our answer to you, the parent, in advance.

Parents, you may want to know a little more about this study, so here are our lesson topics:
1) Less Than Becoming: A Look at Our Culture. It is good to be aware of cultural stereotypes set by media of how "respected" women should look. We will talk about being comfortable in the skin that God put us in, that we are beautiful just the way He made us.
2) Start Becoming: Exposing Lies and Embracing Truth. This chapter not only talks about cultures stereotypes but the "lies" that are used to help us believe those stereotypes.
3) Becoming Wise: Choices. One of our primary themes of our girls class is that "God gave us a choice". Choices are a gift from God. How we use our choices will help us grow closer to Him or separate us from Him. Girls can choose how they act, how they treat others, and how they feel about themselves.
4) Becoming Focused: Setting Goals. Our goals will help us determine who we are and how we are going to get there. Girls knowing and understanding their goals will help them to make wise choices throughout life.
5) Becoming Splendorous: Accepting the Skin Your Are In. Girls don't need to dress a certain way or over-do their make-up to get anyone's attention. Girls need to understand that God loves them and made them just the way He wants them.
6) Becoming Balanced: Keeping Your Body in Check. We all have seen the girls that wear clothes way to "old" for their age. What is modesty? Why is it so important to wear modest clothes?
7) Becoming of Christ: Self Worth. Girls may feel rejected by friends, boys and sometimes, even family. But, God has chosen each girl. This chapter is designed to help each girl discover their self-worth in Christ.
8) Becoming in Tune: Feelings. This chapter will help girls trust their feelings but not be slaved to their feelings.

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