Thursday, September 9, 2010

Garage Sales Rock! Help us out ....

've been noticing the signs all over Kingwood! Many of our neighborhoods are having garage sales! I love to shop garage sales and I love to garage sale my items. So, I know that if we are all looking out for good deals, we can find some of the things that are needed for our classrooms at very cheap prices! Remember, get out there early, kids things go fast! Thanks, Jo Beth, for the idea of sending out a shopping list! Here are some ideas, with links for pictures, no need to buy the exact item, the pictures are just for reference so you know the type of things we are looking for!

Items needed for birth - three year olds:
baby and toddler toys (simple toys are better, resist the urge to buy things that require batteries)
chunky puzzles
board books - should look new
ride on scooters, bouncers, etc
Plastic play kitchen and/or workbench
Home Center supplies (plastic food, child size dishes, etc)
plastic CHUNKY (large) toy cars that can be pushed (not matchbox size)
Mega Blocks (or other Lego's and Lego tables):
Small chairs and/or tables
dress up clothes
playhouse (large plastic houses)

Items for preschoolers
Preschool picture books
Doll houses, people, furniture
baby dolls
Rugs - plain small neutral rugs and rugs with roads printed on them for playing cars
blocks, cardboard blocks, Lego blocks
wooden puzzles
dress up clothes

Other items
Working CD players (with speakers)
Children DVD's - like Veggie Tales and other Christian movies
helps us stretch our budget by donating baby wipes, cheerios, goldfish, animal crackers, Lysol Wipes, and paper towels

If you are able to find any of these items at garage sales consider donating them to the Children's Ministry. If you need reimbursement for some of the larger items, we are able to do that for items that are a great deal! If we all work together, we can have great supplies for our children's ministry classrooms.

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