Monday, October 25, 2010

Classroom Update - Exciting Times

Christian School of Kingwood will be moving their MDO to the new facility today and tomorrow. Beginning tomorrow morning, any parent that would like to help ready the nursery classrooms for Wednesday night will be able to find plenty of volunteer work! Emily Barclay will be helping me coordinate the needs for these rooms. The first step will be to get necessary equipment into the room and place orders for any furniture still needed. The second step, decorating the classroom will come after the room is repainted, cove base is replaced, and the floor is waxed. All those items should be scheduled in the near future.

The construction of the new preschool rooms is about 10 days from completion. A majority of the furniture has arrived. We've had a lot of toys donated. We will need individuals, creative and otherwise, to be ready to make these room feel like rooms that our preschool will love to attend Bible class in each week. This is a big job and we need lot's of willing helpers.

We are just waiting on paint in the newly acquired CSK classrooms and then we will begin decorating these rooms around the theme or class for each room. The classrooms that were built last year have been seeing some changes as well. Next week, the Journey Land Museum (Maps and Culture) will be opening. We also to hope to have the Bookworm (story) fully decorated.

I anticipate a decoration workday will be held later this month. But, don't wait until the workday to help out! We have ALOT of work that needs to be done. I can put anyone to work at almost anytime they are available.

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