Monday, October 25, 2010

Earn Bible Bucks By Listening to the Sermon

Right now, we do not have Worship 411. Most kids are sitting in the worship service with their parents. For our little bit older kids, I wanted to provide a resource to help the children engage in the sermon.

Today I read a blog that gave the idea for a sermon note taking worksheet and notebook. I thought this was a wonderful idea and excellent tool for helping children engage in a time that is more adult centered. If you'd like to read the original blog post that includes a copy of the form, click here. I will be making these forms available at the Family Ministry kiosk beginning this Sunday morning.

If a child would like to earn a Bible Buck for filling one out, all they have to do is show it to me sometime within that week. I'll initial the page and give them a Bible Buck.

The author of the original blog post let their children decorate a binder and place copies of the sermon worksheet in the binder so they could keep a journal of the sermons. You may even include a little pouch for pens, pencils and map colors. Younger kids may write some words but are not ready to fill in such a large amount of information. I have often encouraged River to draw pictures of the sermon. Either way, children are listening and interpreting what they are hearing so learning is facilitated. As a parent, you could use their sermon worksheet during the week to follow up with the children during their devotional time.

As a person who tends to learn best visually and who enjoys taking notes, I can see a very real benefit to using a worksheet like this even for myself. What a great tool to teach children early.

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