Thursday, October 21, 2010

Current Construction Update

Most of you may not know what we are doing with the sounds of hammers, saws, and buckets of paint.

When the school moved out, the old school offices and the extended care rooms were left empty. The old school offices are being turned into two offices for Kevin and I. This will free up some much needed 1st floor space for the business office and a small meeting room in our old office location.

The extended care room and Linda's old office are being turned into 4 classrooms and a preschool drop off room. The preschool rooms will be accessible from the drop-off room so that we can check kids in and out more consistently. One room will eventually have a moving wall installed, so it can be opened into a double classroom for large group activities.

We felt it was important to move these rooms to the nursery hallway to make drop off and pick up easier for parents, especially visitors that may not know our building very well. This hall, is, of course, directly underneath our elementary classrooms.

New furniture has been ordered for these rooms. Generous donations and left-over Art Camp funds is paying for a good portion of the furniture and equipment. Your donation of toys is still appreciated. And, please remember, the church budget provides many of the on-going needs for our ministry, and, when we are meeting budget, I can also use these funds to keep the rooms well-supplied.

In the next 2-3 weeks, I will need MANY of you to help set up the nursery and cradle roll rooms. Please let me know that you would like to serve.

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