Thursday, October 21, 2010

Journey Land Rotation Kick-Off: The Last Supper and Arrest

Journey Land, our Sunday AM Bible Class for elementary students Kindergarten - 5th grade, kicks off a new "theme" this next Sunday morning.

For over a year, we have been journeying through the life of Jesus. Sunday, October 24th, we will begin a new theme, "The Last Supper and Arrest". I know it's not the "right time of year" to start into this portion of Jesus life. But, the Journey Land concept is giving the kids real opportunity to dig deep into God's Word and understand His plan.

This Sunday, we will review the objectives from the last rotation and kick-off the follow objectives. You may want to review these at home with your children.
1) Reading with them the passages
a. Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey & clears the temple (John 12:12-18)
b. Jesus washes the disciples’ feet (John 13:1-10)
c. Last Supper (Mt. 26:20-30; Mk. 14:17-26; Lk. 22:14-30; Jn. 13:21-30)
d. Garden of Gethsemane and Arrest (Mt. 26:35-56; Mk. 14:32-52; Lk. 22:33-
52; Jn. 18:1-11)
2) Practice with them the names of the 12 disciples. Continue to review the books of the New Testament.
3) Practice the memory verses: Luke 22:19b, John 3:16,17
4) Use the Lord's Supper each week to help your child understand what each element represents. It's ok to whisper it in their ear. Remind them that Christians take the Lord Supper to remember that Jesus gave His life for us to deliver us from sin.

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