Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Nursery and Cradle Roll Director - Emily Barclay

If you have children in the Cradle Roll classes, you have probably met Emily. Her family placed membership here a year or so ago. She has a sweet baby boy and is a stay-at-home Mom. She has been sharing the responsibility of teaching the baby class with Jessica Mynes for several months.

Emily has agreed to coordinate our nursery, Cradle Roll, and childcare needs for KWCOC. Emily will be giving you a call if you serve in one of these ministries. She is already hard at work reviewing policies and determining how to better communicate the details that are needed to make the nursery run smoothly. If you have children in this age group, you will notice some changes. Please go with the flow as we figure out some of the important tasks that need to be accomplished to make the nursery even better!

Emily will also help to maintain our supplies in the nursery and cradle roll. So, if you know we are out of an item, let her know.

One of Emily's big jobs is coordinating our paid childcare workers. If your need childcare for ANY EVENT at the church building, let Emily know a few weeks early and she will line up the childcare for you. She will let you know if you need to ask parents to share the cost of childcare or if it the childcare needs are covered in the budget.

Emily will be coordinating our Parent's Night Out. She is super excited to serve in this way and to help the ministry designed to enrich marriages by providing parent's affordable childcare for night out.

Please give Emily a big "welcome" to our Children's Ministry leadership team and support her as much as possible.

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