Thursday, January 13, 2011

Worship 411

Today I received our new curriculum for Worship 411. It looks really good, very well done. It comes with: a countdown and Power Point Game, songs, pre-made slides for the lesson presentation, and a short video. I think it will be "easy" to lead a quality, elementary children's worship in our short 30 minute time span with these materials.

I'm excited about our first study topic, "Fear". It seems that our kids are growing up in a world where fear can really grab hold. Children deal with bully's, conflict, parent's travels, a harsh political environment, school shootings, a desire for real connection. It would be easy for a child to internalize these events that they cannot control, and, experience many negative emotions.

During Worship 411, we are going to "Deal With It!", the Biblical way, and learn about some of the negative feelings and actions that weigh heavily on our children and explore what the Bible has to say.

I anticipate our start day for Worship 411 to be February 6th, if not a week or so sooner.

Here are some things you will need to know:
1) Worship 411 will target Kindergarten - 3rd grade children. 4th/5th are welcome to come and will likely be used in leadership roles.
2) Any KWCOC member that chooses to use Worship 411 for their children will NEED to sign up to help on a rotating basis.
3) We NEED a few more team leaders that can commit to teaching once a month. As I mentioned, everything is scripted, prepared, and all you need to do is familiarize yourself with the material and present it on your assigned Sunday.

Contact me if you'd like more information!

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