Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Final Details for the Family Fellowship Lunch

This Sunday AM, the family fellowship lunch will be held immediately after services in the new Ladies Bible Classroom. I believe the room number is 125 (it is at the end of the old preschool hallway).

EVERY PARENT must pick up their child immediately following nursery, King's court and Worship 411. Since those of us that are working to get the lunch kicked off are also serving in these classes, we need your child picked up so your meal will be ready for you.

I would love to have 2-3 people that could be helpers for the day. I need someone to sign for the pizza and show the delivery man where to put it. We have all the drinks and supplies in the room but we will need a man or two to fill up a cooler of ice and bring it to the classroom.

Children will eat with their parents and then we will have some teens that will be available to babysit them in the gym so the parents can socialize and sign up to coordinate various events. If your TEEN IS AVAILABLE Sunday, please let me know.

Last, everyone will have the opportunity to sign up to host or coordinate specific events, much like we did when Brandy called us together each year. From the survey we passed around, we have narrowed down to some of the most popular events. However, if you are particularly passionate about any kind of event and think you can get all your adult friends to join you, then, be prepared to advertise it and host it.

Ok, I think that is all for now. We are working on sign up sheets and after the meeting on Sunday I'll send out information in the newsletter for everyone to know what they could sign up to host. I've had several people tell me they want to be involved but have other plans this weekend.

Stay warm! See you Sunday!

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