Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lesson Topics for All Ages - Feburary 13

This week your children learned:
Preschool: The Bible Story your children are studying is "Jesus Walks on Water" from Matthew 14:22-23. The Key Verse was Mark 10:14b. In Bible class, they learned that, "Jesus Came for Us All/Have faith in Jesus". In King's Court, they learned "Jesus changes our lives" and on Wednesday night they will learn that "Everyone can come to God".

Elementary: Journey Land is continuing our study of the death of Jesus. Each week students rotate to one of 6 workshops and learn a portion of the story. In the opening time, the kids are practicing songs for Easter Sunday. Worship 411 the children discussed that they have to "Deal With Fear". God did not give us a spirit of fear and does not want us to be afraid. God listens to our prayers when are afraid and takes away the fear. Knights for Christ and LTC are continuing their verses and study of Revelation. Wednesday night the K-3rd grade are focusing on FUN and BIBLE! They love the crafts and games they are playing. 4th and 5th grade girls are continuing their study, talking about how God gave women a "super power" that should only be used for good! Just FYI - we are talking about modesty!

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