Monday, October 31, 2011

Elementary Bible Skill Goal January 1, 2012

Our elementary children have a goal to add a new Bible skill to their skills toolbox by the beginning of 2012. We are learning the books of the Old Testament!

Parents, how many of you know the books of the Old Testament? All of them? WITHOUT LOOKING! You may not use your tabs either!

I'll admit, I'm not good at the Old Testament books either. But, YouTube is here to bail us out! There are many different versions of the Old Testament Books of the Bible song. I chose the following song because it not only emphasized the names of the books, but other useful facts such as the number of books in the Old Testament and the genre of the book. It shows the name of the book while the kids sing the song, increasing their ability to read the funny words that make up Old Testament book names. And, let's not forget the catchy tune! Parents, just so you can brush up on your Old Testament books, or, help your kids learn theirs, I'm posting the video.

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