Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bullys at School? Helpful Information for Parents

Recently, several children in our ministry has begun to confide in their trusted teachers and leaders that they feel powerless over certain situations at school. At this point in the school year many of our children begin to settle into their routines and some children begin to show disrespect to their teachers and classmates. Sometimes, these actions cross the line of what we consider typical child's play of being called names and picked on. Children may begin to feel bullyed. As a parent, it is hard to determine if a child is experiencing typical childhood antics or if they are in fact being bullyed.

I've asked myself these questions many times, especially as River has come home and told me some things that happen at school. We desire to give her conflict management skills to work out these issues and to intervene as little as possible. Sometimes, though, good conflict management skills will not solve the problem for our kids. It is these times that children should seek help.

Today, I found three great articles on a children's ministry website. As a parent, I found the information very helpful and I know you will too! I hope you take the time to read over each one.

Bullying Part 1: Establishing Awareness
Bullying Part 2: Practical Intervention
Bullying Part 3: 10 Ways Your Ministry Can Help

Thanks to www.ministry-to-children.com for these three GREAT articles.

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