Monday, November 7, 2011

Nursery, King's Court and Worship 411 Winter Recruitment

It is almost time to start making the nursery schedule for the winter quarter. Currently, we are shorthanded most Sundays as we averaging 15+ babies in attendance.

If you are not currently serving in the nursery and you would like to be, send me an email back at could use additional workers or workers willing to serve additional Sundays. In addition, if you are scheduled to serve and do not come (and do not ask for a sub) know that this is not only an inconvenience to our workers but the environment for our children is not as safe as it should be without all of our volunteers.

On average, during a typical worship service, we have about 10 volunteers serving in nursery, King's Court and Worship 411. Each of these volunteers serve 2 or 3 Sunday's a quarter, which means we need AT LEAST 45 volunteers to completely fill our schedule for 13 weeks for these three classes. Please consider serving, we can't do this without everyone pitching in.

Also, if you would like fill needs in King's Court or Worship 411, I'm doing those schedules at this time. We have several on the King's Court and Worship 411 teams that are serving in other ministries as well and they would appreciate additional help to lighten their volunteer responsibilities.

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