Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Waiting Tree - A Project for Mom's on December 2nd

A Completed Waiting Tree
A few years ago, Edie Broussard showed me "The Waiting Tree, the Christmas holiday tradition in her family. She had found the idea in a publication and made one for her family. It is made of felt and you can see the picture of her waiting tree on the left.

Each symbol on the Waiting Tree symbolizes a portion of God's story leading up to the gift of His Son. I love this concept of advent, because, it helps us remember God's plan for the beginning of creation to the culmination of His desire to reconcile creation through the birth, life and death of Jesus. We will give you a script of the stories to read with your family each night. Edie says they usually discuss each symbol for 15-30 minutes a night, but, each family can make their own decisions on how they implement the waiting tree in their family.

On December 2nd, 7:00 PM, Edie and I would like to invite all the Moms that are interested in making a Waiting Tree for their family to come to the Ladies Bible Classroom. I plan to buy all the material to make the tree, and will let you know soon the cost to reimburse the church for the material. I expect it to be between $5-$10.

Please email me if you plan to attend. I will need a good headcount to have enough materials on hand. We hope this simple project will become a great teaching tool for your family and a keepsake to hand down through the generations.

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